Etsy Shop Open

February 9, 2022

Although it was likely pre-mature, I have opened my Etsy shop while I fill it. It has been said that you should wait until you have x number of products to open, but I like being able to see my shops progress as I fill it full of cutie patootie goodies. Plus, the thought of doing a ton of listings all at once sounds terrible. I have been doing a few a day and that is boring enough.

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite products and if you weren’t aware: I draw, design, print, assemble, package and ship all of the goodies for Doodledeeloo so far. I am interested in a few products that would be impossible for me to make here at home – like washi tape, acrylic keychains and or enamel pins – but those will be the only products that I have manufactured.

and many more…. You can see them all HERE in my Etsy shop!

xoxo – Brandi