Doodledeeloo History 2018

January 12, 2022

It was an online ad that led me back down the path of Kawaii character design, BUT I had actually started Doodledeeloo back in like 2018 as a quickie side project. The original designs featured very simple line art Kawaii designs, but at the time I was working on other serious projects so I wasn’t able to focus. When the add from popped up this year, I was like now is the time!

I couldnt find any of the original illustrations from 2018, but here is a card that I made that is similar to the one I made now!


And here is the crazy part, I totally forgot about this card until I started writing this post and was searching for images – and here is the card that I just designed in 2022!


Apparently, I have loved strawberries for 4 years! Totally true, my grandparents used to take me strawberry picking in upstate NY every summer of my youth. Strawberries always remind me of them.

Well, there we have it, the rebirth of Dooodledeeloo. I hope you will follow along!

xoxo – Brandi